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About Us

About Us
After 25 years in the Army, Team Baker decided to make the jump into the civilian world and focus on family.... With an innate love of country we decided (mostly my middle son) to start making wood flags..  What started as a small time operation has taken on a life of itself.  Apart from love of country, my boys are learning the value of hard work, pride in what they do, and the importance of family.  Aside from that, they are learning to manage their time and how to save money.  

This picture is a few years old... Now the oldest is a rising senior in high school and striving to be an Army Officer. My tiny middle son is a rising sophomore in high school (he is 6'2" and wears a size 13 shoe) who loves all things metal fab.. he welds, blacksmiths, and he is the one who started this whole adventure. My youngest son is a true helper (loves to vacuum) and is going to be in the 4th grade.. My wife keeps us sane, especially with all the "boy" activities... I am truly blessed to have such an awesome family who has stuck by and supported me.

What we do

Rustic Wood Flags

Timeless.. Nothing says love of country like a flag.. We can personalize it as well...

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Plaques and Awards

Need an award, want a family sign, we can do that for you..

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Other Cool Stuff

We can do almost anything.. Just let us know what you have in mind.

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We love doing them.. Quick turnaround.. I still have t-shirts older than my kids..

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  • Anderson, South Carolina, United States

In Stock Ready to go

In Stock Ready to go
Current inventory, ready to ship !!!   Just shoot us an email and we can get it out today !!

Last updated: June 10, 2019

13x24 Flags:
  • Marine subdued
  • Marine Red White Blue
  • GA - Subdued
  • Tiger paw subdued
  • Standard flag, Red White Blue
  • Special Forces Subdued
  • 11x22 Relief carved flag (one piece of wood), Red White Blue ... One of my favorites
  • 11x22 Relief carved flag (one piece of wood), Subdued with Special Forces Tear in tear in ... One of my favorites

Skulls and Stuff:
14 inch Punisher, Red White Blue (2 of them)
8 Inch Gorilla
14 Inch Skull / beard
Jump Master Wings (16 Inches Wide)
7th SF Group Patches
10th SF Group Patches